Case 3 – CRAO

Case 3 – CRAO

Hyperbaric oxygen has many uses not only related to diving related injuries.

This case demonstrates a use that has nothing to do with the water: central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO).

We have previously discussed this at EMDocs as well here.

We discuss the following:

  • 2 cases
  • Anatomy and pathophysiology of this disease
  • Work up in the acute care setting
  • Other considerations
  • Need for hospitalization (these patients should probably get a stroke work up for their eye stroke)
  • Ophthalmology management
  • Stroke work up
  • Hyperbaric management
  • HCMC hyperbaric data

Case 1

  • Initial Vision: Hand motion
  • Final Vision: 20/200

Case 1

Case 2

  • Initial vision: 20/400
  • Final vision:  20/25 -2
Case 2

Podcast Recorded By:

Joe Walter

Drue Orwig

Cory Dubose