Case 1 – The Bends

Case 1 – DCS

Diving is what we love so why not start with a case of the bends or decompression sickness (DCS).

This case coversĀ a more severe case of DCS.

Here’s a link to the Diver’s Alert Network (24/7 Emergency Contact 1-919-684-9111).

We discuss the following:

  • Some useful resources if you are taking care of an injured diver.
  • General pathophysiology of DCS.
  • Risk factors associated with DCS.
  • General tips if you are taking care of a diver.
  • What we do to treat a DCS patient at a hyperbaric chamber.
  • General diving tips (for those who dive themselves).
Usual treatment used to treat DCS (courtesy of the USN Dive Manual Rev. 6).

Podcast Recorded By:

Joe Walter
Drue Orwig
Cory Dubose